Real Estate and Energy Development and Consulting

Infinity Development Partners, LLC (IDP) is a Real Estate and Renewable Energy Development Company with a specific focus on Department of Defense (DoD) projects. IDP brings together the three fundamental elements that makes development successful: Vision, Resources and Partners. The IDP Team works with all stakeholders to define the unique vision of every project and then brings partners to the project as well as the human and capital resources needed to make that vision a reality. The IDP Team possesses over 30 years of experience working with the DoD in the construction and development of real estate and energy projects. IDP principals’ experience results in innovative, “out-of-the-box” thinking that yields creative solutions to even the most difficult development challenge.



The IDP team’s experience working around the globe on DoD and non-governmental projects gives us a unique perspective on how to best shape a development project. Our team is experienced and ready to take on development risk as well as work on a consulting basis to help our customers and partners shape and realize the vision for their project. In virtually any circumstance from competitive procurement to sole source, our team has the experience to develop your vision.


The IDP team believes that trust is the critical element to make projects successful. Our team places significant value on working with trusted partners and earning and keeping relationships with the organizations and people that assist us in helping our customers reach their goals. The most successful projects IDP has supported have been successful because of the partners we work with.


The IDP team possesses the ability to bring all the necessary resources to make a project successful. These resources include relationships with partners, access to capital markets and internal capital capable of supporting the most challenging projects. IDP is often asked to take a risk capital position in projects which we are ready and willing to do, even when we’re not the developer of the project.

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